Save energy — and oven space — with these mouthwatering stovetop mashed potatoes.

Your oven is already working extra hard during Thanksgiving. Need some extra real estate for your side dishes? Save your oven for the bird (and save energy too) with this mouthwatering rustic garlic mashed potato recipe, which can be prepared easily on a stove.

Recipe courtesy of The Kitchn. See original recipe


·      2 ½ pounds red potatoes, scrubbed clean and cut into 1-inch chunks

·      10 cloves peeled garlic

·      ½ cup buttermilk or milk (not nonfat)

·      4 tablespoons butter

·      Salt and pepper


1.         Put the potatoes and garlic in a saucepan or pot.

2.         Add cold water to one inch above the potatoes and garlic.

3.         Stir in one tablespoon of salt into the water and bring to a boil over high heat.

4.         When the water begins to boil, turn the heat down to low. Simmer the potatoes until they’re very tender (about 15 minutes).

5.         While the potatoes are cooking, melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat. When the butter is melted, add the buttermilk and heat until hot, but not boiling (about 2 minutes).

6.         When the potatoes are tender, drain them into a colander in the sink.

7.         Return the potatoes and garlic to the warm pot, then mash them with a potato masher until they reach your preferred texture. (Editors Note: we’re lumpy fans ourselves, but you do you).

8.         Stir the potatoes and garlic with the butter and milk mixture, and salt and pepper.

Need to keep the potatoes warm before serving? Keep the potatoes in the covered cooking pot for up to 30 minutes. Or you can transfer them to a slow cooker on its “warm” setting for up to two hours.

Save oven space and energy, and chow down on the tastiest mashed potatoes ever. You’re welcome. Looking for more stovetop side dishes? Check out these recipes.

Work smarter, not harder with these five smart home hacks.

Do you think having a smart home sounds like sci-fi? Think again. Thanks to new, innovative technology, saving energy is easier and more convenient than ever. Work smarter, not harder, with these five smart home hacks.

1.) Smart LEDs

You know we’re big fans of LED light bulbs. Well, smart LED light bulbs are everything we love about LED light bulbs, plus they can also change colors and be controlled via an app. Some even play music! A LED light bulb that saves energy and plays music? Yes, please!

2.) Smart Thermostats

Warm and cool your home whenever and wherever you want with a smart thermostat. Schedule your house to be warmer at night when you’re home, but cooler during the day when you’re away. Plus, the app feature even lets you control your home’s temp from literally anywhere. You can even get a free ENERGY STAR certified WiFi thermostat when you sign up for PSO’s Power Hours program.

3.) Energy Monitors

Love data? You’re going to love this. With smart energy monitors you’ll get info on your home’s energy use. Don’t have an energy monitor, but still want to see your home’s energy usage? Check out PSO’s My Energy Advisor, which provides near real-time data, usage information, and tools to help you better manage your home’s energy use. Even if you’re not a data nerd, who doesn’t love saving?  Learn more and sign up!

4.) Smart ADVANCED Power Strips

Even when you’re not using your electronics, your old power strips are still draining energy (hence the term “energy vampire.”) Yeah, they’re the worst. Well, ADVANCED power strips shut down devices in standby mode, so you’re not draining energy 24/7. They’ll even turn off fire hazards, like space heaters, if you forget. Did we mention there’s a rebate too?

5.) Smart Safety Detectors

Saving energy is important, but saving lives and property is the most important. Smart safety detectors let you do all of the above. With smart safety detectors you can monitor carbon monoxide, fire and flood no matter where you are. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if you can get a policy discount for owning one too.Feeling smarter, already? Well, you’ll feel like a genius when you see all of the energy and money your smart home is saving. See how you can save even more with tips  and rebates from PSO.

Fall into energy savings with our cool weather checklist!

You’re probably prepared for fall. Sweater? Check. Hot cocoa? Check. Weekend afternoons binging football? Double check. But are you prepared to save energy during colder weather? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Fall into energy savings with our cool weather checklist!

Get the 411 on your furnace.

Your furnace is about to enter its busiest season. Make sure it’s ready. Hire an HVAC contractor to give your furnace a check up and fix any pesky issues before those cold winter months. Checking your furnace once a year is a great way to stay warm and more importantly to stay safe! Also, remember to regularly replace your air filters too. It’s a breeze! See how easy it is.

Check for leaks to defeat drafts.

Stay warm without burying yourself under heavy blankets and check for air leaks. The most obvious sources of air leaks are under doors and window seals, as well as your fireplace surround. But there are so many other places to check for drafts. Our advice: check them all. 

Run your fans in reverse.

Running your fan in cold weather may sound counterintuitive, but it’s actually science. When you run your fan in a reverse (clockwise) direction at low speeds, you redistribute the warm air, so you can lower your thermostat without feeling colder.

Don’t get burned by your water heater.

Before you find yourself in hot water, a simple way to save energy is to set your water heater temp at 120 degrees. That’s warm enough to kill harmful bacteria without burning your hands, or getting burned by high-energy use. Another great idea is to wrap your water heater with an insulating blanket. No ordinary blanket will do – look for an insulating blanket designed specifically for water heaters.

So how’d you do on our cool weather checklist? If you do these four things, you’re already off to a great start! For more tips on how to save energy all year long, click here.

Five easy ways to save energy – and money – this fall!

Fall is awesome for many reasons. Our favorite part? Lower temps usually mean lower energy expenses too. Ok, so we’re kind of nerdy, but what can we say? We love helping you save! So even though fall is much cooler than summer, it’s still a great time to save energy and money (especially with holiday shopping coming soon). You won’t believe how simple these tips are. Check out these five easy ways to save!

1.Dial your thermostat back.

Setting your thermostat back just a few degrees only takes five seconds, but could save you up to $30 a month. That’s roughly six pumpkin spice lattes! The Department of Energy recommends dialing it back 7-10 degrees for 8 hours to save up to 10% on heating costs. You know what’s an even better idea? Getting a rebate on a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat!

2. Cool your (water) jets.

Heating up water is more expensive in cooler weather. So don’t let your dishwasher and washing machine hog all of your hot water. Lower your dishwasher and washing machine’s temps, and lower your energy usage too.

3. “Leaf” your A/C alone.

Fall weather in Oklahoma can be unpredictable. One day it’s cool and windy, the next it’s warm and muggy. So if you’re keeping your A/C on standby, be sure to keep leaves away. The buildup from leaves, sticks, and other debris blocks airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially raising your utility bills too. The moisture from the leaves can even cause sensitive components to rust. Yikes!

4. Let the sunshine in!

Let the sunlight heat your home by opening the curtains on your south-facing windows. It’s a natural way to warm your abode, and helps keep your heating costs down too. Just remember to close them at night to keep the warm air in and cold air out.

5. Reducing drafts is key.

Reduce indoor drafts by installing covers on your keyholes, letterboxes, and electrical outlets. It may not seem like a lot, but keeping warm air in and cold air out can help make your home more comfortable. Hey, every little bit helps, right? Want to save all year long? Get more energy saving tips, or sign up for our rebates and programs, at!

Happy Energyween! Get scary awesome energy savings with these four tips.

Don’t be haunted by energy vampires. Celebrate National Energy Awareness month and Energyween with these four scary good energy savings!

Handing out candy? Light your home with candles!

When it comes to saving energy, candles have no “match” (#dadjoke). So if you’re staying home to hand out candy, turn off your lights and set the stage with spooky candles instead. Check out these helpful candle safety tips. Not staying in? No worries. Try energy-efficient LED string lighting in a variety of Halloween colors.

Keep out spooky spirits (a.k.a. air leaks).

Stop unwanted drafts from giving you goose bumps. Seal air leaks around windows, doors and outlets. We offer rebates on air sealing, as well as instant savings on door seals and sweeps.

Take advantage of flue season.

Your chimney flue, that is. Save some serious green and heat your home with your fireplace. It’ll save you money, keep your home comfy, and, most importantly, help keep witches and goblins from coming through your chimney. Just make sure your chimney is properly maintained, and remember to close your flue when you’re not using it.

Eliminate energy vampires.

Your old power strip silently sucks electricity all day. Want to defeat this energy vampire? Switch to an ADVANCED Power Strip. It uses less electricity than old power strips and smells much better than garlic. Best part? We’ll help you pay for it!

What’s even sweeter than candy? Saving energy and money! Check out our spooktacular rebates on energy-saving products and home upgrades.