Business lighting rebates have Kenneth Easton beaming.

When Kenneth Easton upgraded to LED lighting at his family’s hardware store, he got more than he bargained for. Receiving $15,000 in rebates from PSO was great. Saving $15,000 in annual electricity costs was even better. But the increase in sales was totally unexpected.

When the new LEDs were installed, store ambiance improved. His employees and customers were happier. And suddenly, his paint display looked more inviting. Paint cans started flying off the shelves, giving Kenneth bigger sales and an even bigger return on his investment. Get bright lights and big savings for your business, just like Kenneth.

Interior lighting rebates:

Per Unit

LED Interior Fixtures: $20-$60
LED Screw-in Lamps: $10
LED Exit Signs: $10
High Bay Fixtures:

High Performance Fluorescent


Outdoor lighting rebates:

Per Unit

Parking Garage LED Fixtures: $75-$100
Parking Lot LED Fixtures: $35-$250
Flood and Wallpack Fixtures: $35-$250
Traffic Signals: $10-$25

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