Even in the corridors of power.

Up to 33 percent of energy in government buildings goes to waste. As budgets get tighter in the public sector, improving energy efficiency is one way to tighten the belt. At PSO, we’re here to help with an array of efficiency measures, including:

  • Total Building Tune-Up: PSO offers incentives to help you identify low-cost improvements. We help you optimize your existing equipment for a more efficient performance while increasing the life of your building’s systems.
  • Peak Performers. Earn incentives for voluntarily reducing peak usage just a few times a year.
  • Prescribed incentives. Earn incentives for specific measures including lighting, HVAC upgrades, occupancy sensors and more.

In addition to the powerful resources offered by PSO, here are a few more suggestions for reducing energy costs at your facilities:

  • Install occupancy sensors that turn off lights and other equipment in unoccupied rooms and floors.
  • Get technical assistance and efficiency consultations from PSO to identify opportunities for savings.
  • Turn off lights in empty rooms. This simple step can significantly reduce power consumption.
  • Adjust the thermostat. Bump temperatures a few degrees up in summer and a few degrees down in winter to rack up significant savings.

At PSO, we’re committed to helping the public and private sector alike.

Click here to learn about business rebates available right now.

Or call 1.888.776.1366 to speak directly with a PSO representative.

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