Project Resources

Taking advantage of PSO’s residential rebates includes four steps:

  1. Review the eligibility requirements in the applicable documents below. If you are not an enrolled service provider, click here to enroll.
  2. If you are already enrolled, you may submit an application. If you are submitting a Multiple Upgrades application, pre- and post-inspections are required.
  3. PSO will review and approve the application after all installations are complete.
  4. After the application is approved, PSO will issue the rebate payment.

The links below provide additional resources to help you complete an energy-saving project for your customer.


Single Upgrade

Multiple Upgrades

New Homes


*Please accurately represent your relationship to PSO. This relationship being that the participating service provider is a member of PSO’s energy efficiency network. Please do not represent yourself as working for, approved by, in a business relationship or certified by AEP/PSO.

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