What are the Watts?

Watts are brilliant little creatures. Tiny balls of energy that power our lights, appliances, electronics, and more! But sometimes, when we overuse them, things get a little…hairy. See how much energy your everyday items use. Switch to energy-efficient appliances and electronics, and you can save Watts — and money. We’ll even help you pay for them!
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Watt is it? Try this instead!
Power Strip 1800
ADVANCED Power Strips 42
Dishwasher 1600
ENERGY STAR® Certified Dishwasher 750
Light Bulb 60
LED Light Bulb 12
Refrigerator 750
ENERGY STAR® Certified Refrigerator 400
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Looking for no to low-cost ways to Save the Watts?

See how easy it is to save Watts for future use — and save money too! Follow these energy saving tips.

Save the Watts!