Let’s help your small business save BIG.

Get rebates up to 70% on high-efficiency lighting and refrigeration upgrades.

If anyone understands the value of savings, it’s small business owners. When you’re managing cash flows and controlling costs down to the penny, every bit helps. At PSO, we’re proud to serve the small business community through our network of local small business energy consultants.

PSO qualified consultants are available to conduct a free on-site energy assessment, and work with you to develop an action plan for energy upgrades. When the work is done, you pay 30 percent of the project costs, and PSO pays the remaining 70 percent directly to your small business energy consultant.

Designed for small businesses and non-profits, these services will help you:

  • Reduce overhead
  • Improve employee productivity
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  • Rapid return on investment
  • Free on‐site analysis of your energy use
  • Simple, inexpensive options for managing refrigeration and lighting costs
  • Rebates up to 70% for most lighting and refrigeration control upgrades
  • Energy consultant to perform the work and simplify the process
  • Convenient equipment installation
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of old fluorescent lamps and ballasts
  • Opportunity Checklist delivered by your energy consultant that outlines projects eligible for additional rebates

Qualifying businesses must use 220,000 kWh or less annually. To see if you qualify, access your free PSO Energy Advisor account. If you don’t have an account, you can use your account number or associated phone number to sign up.

Enter your zip code below to find your local small business energy consultant.

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