Get Smart About Your Energy Use with PSO’s Strategic Energy Manager

Emerging Technology

Monitoring and analyzing energy data is a full-time job, but that’s not a reality for many businesses, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses that are always looking for ways to cut costs and reduce overhead.

However, your business may be wasting energy without you even knowing it, which can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

PSO is here to help with Strategic Energy Manager.

How does PSO’s Strategic Energy Manager work?

PSO has partnered with GridPoint to provide an innovative technology platform that helps with automating energy and facility management. This platform uses artificial intelligence to learn your building’s energy patterns and automatically communicate using installed controls. Using this data, the system automatically adjusts your energy usage throughout your entire building.

PSO’s Strategic Energy Manager provides many proven benefits, including:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Achieving sustainability goals

Large businesses like Walgreens are already leveraging this technology to cut energy costs across the board. Now, PSO is proud to provide this same innovative technology to our small- and medium-sized customers who have an annual energy demand of up to 200 kilowatts (kW)

Why should I sign up?

You might wonder: “is this worth the investment?” Absolutely! In fact, PSO will cover up to 70% of the initial program cost for businesses that sign up for the Strategic Energy Manager program. 

Here are a few of the ways PSO’s Strategic Energy Manager is a smart, long-term investment for your business:

Save on your electric bill: Your business can reduce electricity consumption during unoccupied hourswith automated scheduling using predetermined set points. This keeps your site energy-efficient and your employees’ comfortable, without wasting electricity.

Enjoy more efficient operations: Most businesses’ HVAC system accounts for at least 40% of their overall energy usage. With Strategic Energy Manager, you can control system overrides and optimize HVAC operation to avoid operational drift of your heating and cooling system.

Spend less on maintenance: The integrated controls detect HVAC faults and provide on-demand diagnostics, so you can learn your HVAC system’s faults, catch abnormalities, and get alerts when units need attention before they need expensive repairs.

Want to learn more about PSO’s Strategic Energy Manager?

Take the first step toward efficiency and improved operations — contact one of our energy experts to learn more about program enrollment.