Ask the Expert: “What Upgrades Add the Most Value to my Home?

Want to upgrade your home to be more energy-efficient?

First: Good for you! You’re awesome.

Second: You probably want to get the most bang for your buck. While every energy-efficient upgrade helps you save energy and money, some upgrades add more value to your home than others. This is true whether you decide to sell your home, or if you just want to add upgrades that will eventually pay for themselves.

Which ones are they? Glad you asked!

Upgrade with Energy Star® certified appliances

How many times have you toured a house and said: “If we buy this I’m 100% replacing the [insert appliance here]?” Trust us, people touring your home are probably saying the same thing. So replace your old appliances with Energy Star-certified units. Not only will you improve your home’s value, you’ll save a ton of energy too. Another bonus: you can always take your new appliances with you. See available rebates on appliances. 

Don’t wait to insulate

Insulation may not be top of mind when buying a home, but it should be. Properly insulating your attic and ceiling improves energy efficiency by keeping heat from escaping where the loss is the greatest. The recommended insulation is R-38, about 10 to 14 inches, but you can get as high as 15 to 20 inches. The more the merrier! We also offer rebates to help you out, plus you could qualify for a tax credit on the cost of the insulation (plus other energy efficiency upgrades).

Switch to WiFi programmable thermostats

These days just about everything is connected to WiFi. Shouldn’t your thermostat be too? Instead of heating or cooling an empty house, WiFi thermostats let you control your home’s temperature remotely and program the thermostat to only run during certain times. Plus they’re super affordable, especially when we help you pay for them with a $110 rebate on eligible WiFi thermostats (making some models free).  

Install new doors or windows (or seal the ones you have).

Open up to major savings…literally! A new front door or windows not only add curbside appeal, they also keep energy in the home where it belongs, saving you money in the process. Not ready to upgrade to new doors and windows? Seal around the ones you have to prevent air from escaping. 

Don’t forget your ducts

Leaky air ducts are bad news. In fact, you can lose as much as 40-percent of your home’s heated or cooled air before it ever makes it to the rooms within your home. Yeah, they’re the worst. Do yourself (and any future owners) a favor by having your ducts professionally sealed. It will pay for itself in a few years if you run your A/C or furnace a lot. 

Whether you’re moving out or staying put, these energy-efficient upgrades will make your home more valuable and you more comfortable.