Become a Peak Performer

The Peak Performers program rewards businesses of all sizes for limiting energy use during times of high demand. Enroll today to earn cash incentives.

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How Peak Performers Works

When demand for energy is high, like during summer’s hottest days, PSO calls on its team of Peak Performers to help. You decide how to reduce your energy usage, and then PSO pays you based on how much energy you saved.

    • Businesses of all sizes can participate.
    • You’ll be notified of peak events before they occur.
    • You can participate in as many or as few peak events as you like.
    • Get cash back based on the average kilowatts you saved at the end of the season.

What Are the Benefits?

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Become a Peak Performer

Ready to start saving? Enrollment is simple: All you need is your PSO account number and facility contact information.