Industry Solutions

PSO is committed to helping businesses in a variety of industries save more energy. We offer significant rebates on energy-saving equipment for oil and gas, multi-family, and agricultural projects.

cows in their stalls eating hay and a farmer walking past holding a large milk barrel


Let us help make your farming, indoor agriculture, or horticulture operation more productive, sustainable, and successful with rebates for energy-efficient equipment.

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oil derricks in front of a sunset

Oil and Gas

Save energy and money up and down the production stream, including up to 75% on equipment upgrades for your operation.

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high rise apartment building


Improve your building’s bottom line and help your tenants reach energy-saving goals with rebates for multi-family property owners.

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Explore Additional Rebates

PSO offers a variety of rebates for homes and businesses. See all the ways you can save energy and money.