Energy Saver Kit

PSO is giving teachers, students, and parents the opportunity to explore energy efficiency with the PSO Energy Saver Kit. In this program, fifth-grade students learn about the exciting world of electricity, as well as valuable ways to save energy and money through in-class education and a take-home kit full of energy-efficient products.

teacher holding a lightbulb and student holding an outlet extension

How We’re Energizing Education

The curriculum provides teacher lesson plans, educational materials, activity books, and an Energy Savings Kit for each student that includes:

  • Four 9-watt LED bulbs
  • 7-plug advanced power strip
  • Filter tone alarm
  • LED night light

Through educational support and outreach services, we’re shaping tomorrow’s leaders in energy and conservation. It’s all a part of our commitment to providing reliable, sustainable power for generations to come.

What Are the Benefits?

Additional Resources for Teachers, Students, and Parents

Request Your Energy Saver Kits

If you’re a fifth-grade teacher, don’t delay — request energy saver kits for your class today. Kits are sent out in spring and fall and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.