Support for Your Business

Take advantage of PSO’s business rebates using the resources below to help you complete your energy-saving project.

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Explore Business Rebates

Interested in what rebates are available for businesses? Review the 2022 Business Rebate Programs brochure to learn more, and then check out our full list of available rebates.

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Customized Solutions

Whether you’re building a new facility or updating your current one, PSO is committed to helping businesses in a variety of industries save more energy. To help new facilities offset equipment costs, we offer significant, customized rebates on energy-saving equipment.

  • Building Automation Controls
  • Chillers
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Process Equipment

For existing facilities, PSO can help you identify major capital improvements that pay for themselves over time. It helps reduce operating costs and improves the asset value of your property.

Whatever business you’re in, PSO can help you move toward peak efficiency and profitability. Partner with us to reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and boost your bottom line.

Additional Project Resources

Business Rebates Application
Multi-Family Rebates Application
  • Click here to submit your application online.
  • Click here to download the multi-family rebates application and submit via mail, email, or fax.
  • Click here to download the multi-family rebate guidelines.
Qualified Products List

New construction lighting and custom projects may require additional documentation.

Tools for Businesses

Energy Management Tools

Track your energy usage, set goals to reduce monthly bills, and find rebates to help you save even more with Energy Management Tools.

Business Bonus Rebate Calculator

Looking to maximize your savings on your next business upgrade? This tool shows you how making multiple upgrades can impact your annual energy savings and total project costs with bonus rebates up to 20%.

Energy-Saving Programs

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Peak Performers

Earn cash rewards by reducing or shifting your business’s electricity use during periods of high energy demand in the summer months. Simple adjustments add up to big savings.

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Strategic Energy Manager

Your business could be unknowingly wasting energy and reducing your bottom line. Get smart about your energy use with PSO’s Strategic Energy Manager.

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Small Business Energy Solutions

Save up to 70% on energy-saving upgrades completed through our dedicated small business energy consultants. Get started with a free on-site energy audit.

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Industry Solutions

Rebates for oil and gas, agriculture, multi-family, and more — get customized rebate solutions for your specific industry.