Tools for Home and Business

From tracking energy usage to submitting rebates, these resources can help with all your energy-saving needs.

When it comes to saving energy, PSO is your partner in power. Let us help you make your home or business more efficient and comfortable year-round. Take advantage of our helpful tools to see how easy it is to save.

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Tools for Your Home

Energy Insights

Curious how your home is consuming energy? View your Energy Dashboard and Insights to explore your energy use and find additional ways to save.

Solar Calculator

Solar panels are a big investment, whether you lease or buy. A number of factors make it difficult to determine the return on your investment:

  • Weather conditions
  • The energy efficiency of your home
  • Changes to electricity rates
  • Potential changes to the compensation for electricity placed back onto the electric grid

Crunch the numbers with this solar calculator, which uses information about your location and estimates available sunlight year-round to approximate a return on your investment.

Rebates for Your Home

Get cash back or an instant rebate when you buy energy-efficient products or make energy-saving updates to your home.

Submit a Rebate

Did you make a qualifying in-store purchase? Use our online application portal to submit your rebate application and get cash back.

Tools for Your Business

Energy Management Tools

Track your energy usage, set goals to reduce monthly bills, and find rebates to help you save even more with Energy Management Tools.

Business Bonus Rebate Calculator

See how your business savings can stack up when you complete multiple upgrades at once.

Rebates for Your Business

Get instant savings on energy-efficient upgrades to your business. Rebates are available on lighting, equipment, building upgrades, and more.

Submit an Application

Request pre-approval for an upcoming project or submit an application for a completed energy-efficient upgrade.