Support for Homebuilders

Building energy-efficient homes helps ensure our communities are using energy wisely — today and for years to come. Comfort is built from the ground up, which is why PSO is proud to partner with homebuilders dedicated to delivering value through high-efficiency new homes.

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Homebuilder Rebates

PSO offers substantial rebates to homebuilders who construct energy-efficient homes. View all available new home rebates.

Laying the Foundation for Energy-Efficient Homes

Compare New Home Rebates

PSO offers up to $5,000 in rebates to homebuilders who construct energy-efficient homes. New homes must adhere to PSO guidelines, have third-party validation, and pass thermal bypass inspections, building envelope pressure tests, and duct pressure tests. 


To qualify for rebates, a home must be enrolled in the PSO service before the walls are framed, and homebuilders must contract with an independent HERS rater during the early stages of design and construction.


PSO New Home Rebates

$800 Rebate

95% LED Lighting

R-value of 15 for walls R-value of 38 for attic

15.2 SEER2

6 Air Changes Per Hour

6 CFM per 100 square feet (leakage to outside)

U-value 0.30 or less, SHGC-value 0.25 or less: 100% ENERGY STAR certified windows

Industry best practices are encouraged

HERS Rater, must pass insulation inspection, testing of building envelope and duct system.

Minimum Code

No Rebate

50% LED Lighting excluding can lights

R-value of 13 for walls, R-value of 30 for attics (batt insulation allowed)

14.3 SEER2

No code requirement

No code requirement

U-value 0.50 or less, SHGC-value 0.35 or less

No code requirement

No code requirement

*No rebates are available for a home built to minimum code.

Get Bigger Savings With Bonus Rebates

You may qualify for larger rebates when you complete select energy-efficiency upgrades above the minimum requirements.

Apply for Homebuilder Rebates

Submit your home for new home rebates using our online rebate application portal. You must be a registered service provider in order to submit an application.