Heat Pump

Make the upgrade – switch to a heat pump and save!

Cooling and heating is your home’s biggest energy use by far. Need a new HVAC? Don’t just replace it – upgrade it with an ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump!

Despite the name, heat pump systems both heat and cool your home!

Ready to Save?

Unlike traditional furnace and air conditioners that generate heat, heat pumps transfer heat between the outside and inside of the home using the expansion of the refrigerant — efficiently providing comfortable temperatures for your home all year round. Here’s how it works:

  • When the weather is cool, heat pumps move heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house.
  • When the weather is warm, heat pumps move heat from your house into the outdoors.

Heat pumps can replace most all types of existing HVAC units, use the pre-existing duct work in your home and help lower energy bills. They may also provide better indoor air quality because there are no direct emissions such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

Heat pumps make your home comfy, cozy, and energy efficient all year long. All while using less energy than traditional HVAC!

Plus, you can save even more with PSO rebates and federal tax incentives!

Stack up your savings with heat pump rebates:

ENERGY STAR®Certified Heat Pump Replacement 15.2 – 17.1 SEER2 $200.00
ENERGY STAR® Certified Heat Pump Replacement 17.2-19 SEER2 $600.00
ENERGY STAR® Certified Heat Pump Replacement 19.1+ SEER2 $800.00
Geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pump $800.00

Trim Your Upgrade Costs

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