Time for a tune-up? Let PSO help keep your system in top shape.

Your HVAC system works hard to keep your home cool during hot weather and warm during the winter months. HVAC tune-ups can help your system keep up with the demands placed on it, extend its useful life, and even prevent costly repairs in the future. Plus, making sure your equipment is running at peak efficiency will help cut your energy costs each month.

Schedule yours with a participating service provider today and get up to $100 off.


Eligibility Requirements:

Available to PSO customers who have not had a tune-up in the previous year.

Rebate is offered as a discount on total cost of service, additional fees may apply. (Check with your participating service provider for total price.)

Must request the PSO rebate at the time of service. Additional testing/services is required by your participating service provider before and after tune-up service to qualify for rebate.

Multifamily, new construction, and commercial systems are not eligible.

Systems must have forced-air cooling. Window A/C units do not qualify.


Rebate Tune-up Service

$75      Pre- and post-diagnostic HVAC tune-up with condenser cleaning and filter change

$25      Refrigerant add, if applicable