Make the Grade: Energy-Saving Tips for Schools

Business Heating and Cooling

School districts have limited flexibility when it comes to adjusting budgets. Staffing costs and per-student spending are controlled mostly by outside forces. Energy budgets are one area where administrators can help to cut costs.

America’s schools spend over $6 billion on energy each year – more than the budget for supplies and books combined. By improving efficiency throughout your facilities, you can free up critical funds and dedicate more resources to serving students.

PSO has a variety of tools that can help school districts cut energy costs:

  • Prescribed rebates. Earn incentives for specific measures including lighting, HVAC upgrades, occupancy sensors and more.
  • Total Building Tune-Up: PSO offers incentives to help you identify low-cost improvements. We help you optimize your existing equipment for a more efficient performance while increasing the life of your building’s systems.
  • Peak Performers. Earn incentives for voluntarily reducing peak usage just a few times a year. (Read how Cache Public Schools did it.)

Here are some helpful ideas for saving energy and money:

  • Stagger equipment run times to reduce peak usage.
  • Take advantage of demand-response pricing through PSO’s Peak Performers.
  • Enlist help from a PSO energy expert to help identify opportunities for savings.
  • Bump up temperatures a few degrees in the summer and set thermostats a few degrees lower during winter months to achieve significant savings.

Nothing is more important than preparing the next generation for success. At PSO, we’re ready to help you serve Oklahoma’s children and their families.

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