LED Upgrade Leads to Even Brighter Savings for This BBQ Restaurant

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Like every business that discovers PSO’s rebates, the Rib Crib wanted to take full advantage. The barbecue restaurant in McAlester, Oklahoma, is a bright spot for locals to gather, so they understand the importance of great lighting

They started with a complete LED lighting upgrade, and the results were immediate. Customers commented on the improved lighting and ambiance.

Since then, the Rib Crib has discovered a whole menu of rebates — and they have seen major savings on their bill. PSO offers cash back on high-efficiency kitchen equipment, occupancy sensors, HVAC and much more. We have numerous options to satisfy your appetite for savings.

Food Preparation

RecommendationPer Unit
Ice Machines$75-$200
Electric Food Prep Equipment$85-$1,000

Coolers and Freezers

RecommendationPer Unit
Upgrade Refrigerator and Freezers$20-$300
Anti-Sweat Heat Controls$40 / door
Reach-In Door Closers$45-$50
ECM Fan Motors$5 / motor
LED Strip Lighting$15
Add Strip Curtains$5 / sq. ft.

Interior Lighting

RecommendationPer Unit
LED Screw-in Lamps$10
LED Exit Signs$10
High Bay Fixtures:
High Performance Fluorescent

Outdoor Lighting

RecommendationPer Unit
Parking Garage LED Fixtures:$75-$100
Parking Lot LED Fixtures:$35-$250
Flood and Wallpack Fixtures:$35-$250
Traffic Signals:$10-$25