How Energy Consultants Can Help Your Business

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Did you know there are many ways your business can reduce its overhead expenses and improve its bottom line? PSO has a dedicated network of small business energy consultants that can help your business find ways to optimize energy use – and meet its sustainability goals along the way.

Curious where to start and how we can help? Check out this quick Q&A to learn more.

How can an energy consultant help my business?

Our small business energy consultants are lighting and refrigeration experts that work hand-in-hand with our Energy Efficiency Programs Team to support our customers. They are trained to identify find ways to lower your total energy usage and provide the installation services for your lighting or refrigeration upgrades. They also ensure you get the maximum PSO rebate on your business upgrades to help boost your bottom line.

What are the benefits of getting an energy audit?

When you work with a dedicated small business energy consultant, they will complete a walkthrough of your business to determine energy-saving opportunities. From there, you’ll receive a custom project proposal that illustrates your business’s energy-saving potential. If you choose to implement the recommended upgrades, your energy consultant will complete the work and deduct the PSO rebates directly from your invoice. You’ll only pay for your portion – typically around 30% of the total project cost.

Reach out to your energy consultant today.

Energy consultants are assigned to customers based on the business’s ZIP code. You can find your energy consultant using our interactive tool, and from there you can schedule your free energy audit directly from our website.