A Shot for Efficiency: Energy-Saving Tips for Health Care

Business Heating and Cooling

The health care industry is increasingly focused on sustainability. According to ENERGY STAR®, every dollar saved on energy equals $20 in new revenue for nonprofit hospitals and $10 in new revenue for nonprofit medical offices.

In addition to improving your corporate image and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, efficiency upgrades can improve your bottom line. PSO offers tools and resources to help reduce power consumption throughout your facilities:

  • Prescribed rebates. Earn incentives for specific measures including lighting, HVAC upgrades, occupancy sensors and more.
  • Custom rebates. Work directly with PSO to develop efficiency incentives designed just for your facility.
  • Technical assistance and consulting services to help you identify efficiency opportunities.

Consider these additional tips as you optimize efficiency at your facility:

  • Upgrade operating room air exchanges. Operating suites typically have air-exchange units that heat or cool incoming air. Install sensors or manual switches that reduce energy consumption when the rooms are not in use.
  • Turn off lights when they’re not in use, and install occupancy sensors to shut off lighting in unoccupied rooms.
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR-certified equipment.
  • Create a maintenance checklist that improves energy efficiency of equipment.

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