Get in the game — four ways to save energy like a champion!

Fall is almost here! After that scorcher of a summer, we’re looking forward to the crisp air, cool weather, and, oh yeah, lots of football! But just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you should punt on following energy-saving habits. In fact, now’s a great time to invest in energy-efficient products that can really make a big difference on your household’s energy use. You can’t win a big game without a great playbook, so here are four ways to save energy like a champion!


ADVANCED Power Strips – the real MVP.

Bench your conventional power strip and replace it with an ADVANCED power strip (APS) instead. Conventional power strips still draw energy from electronic devices even when they’re not in use. This is known as “Vampire Load” (spooky) and can add up to $200 in annual energy costs for the average home (really spooky!). Switch to an APS instead, which has built-in features that dramatically reduce the amount of energy being used. There are many types available, so find a participating retailer and get up to a $14 rebate from us!


Watch the big game and score big savings, too.

Planning on upgrading your TV for football season? Nice move. Make a smart play and get an ENERGY STAR® certified TV, which saves on average 25% more energy than regular TVs. And yes, you can still get all of the features you love: internet connectivity, high dynamic range, and of course, ultra-high definition. ENERGY STAR® certified TVs have pretty much everything, except the waste. Visit to see available TVs.


Score savings with an energy-efficient refrigerator.

What is football without snacks? Frankly, we don’t even want to consider it. But all those snack breaks can really add up when it comes to your fridge’s energy usage. First, make snacks easily accessible so you can limit the number of times you open the refrigerator to grab a snack. Second, invest in an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator, which can save around 9% more energy compared to models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard. See how you can save on your purchase with rebates from PSO.


Make the winning call – enroll in My Energy Advisor.

If there are 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter and your team is down by two, you’re probably not focused on your home’s overall energy use. But what about the rest of the week? Or the rest of the year for that matter?  My Energy Advisor is kind of like your energy coach, as it gives great advice all year long. Our easy-to-use, energy tracking tool gives you a detailed picture of how much energy you’re using—and how much you can be saving. To enjoy greater savings and comfort year-round, enroll in My Energy Advisor.


Investing in energy-saving electronics, appliances and more is always a winning play. We’ve mentioned a few products above, but we offer so many more rebates. To see all the ways you can save, visit our rebates page!

Empower Oklahoma families. Give during home energy aid month and your donation will be doubled!

Lights. Air conditioning. Electricity to cook a hot meal. Most of us never dream of going without these basic necessities. But for some Oklahomans, the threat of losing their utilities is all too real.

During Home Energy Aid Month in July, PSO will match donations to the Salvation Army’s energy assistance program. During July, every dollar you give will go twice as far! Visit the Salvation Army Energy Aid Month to donate today.

Stories of Resilience
Mark never thought this could happen to him. He eats healthy and stays fit, but all it took was one misstep. Now the job he loves, caring for people in his nursing home, is a job he cannot do. After hurting his back, Mark cannot lift more than 30 pounds. His wife Stephanie has a good job, but one income for a family of four just isn’t enough. When their utility bill overdue notice came in the mail Mark knew they needed help. The Salvation Army Center of Hope Home Energy Aid program helped Mark and Stephanie cover their overdue bill. By taking care of this bill, Mark and Stephanie can now avoid the complications that come with losing home utilities or worse.

Want to help year-round? You can support energy assistance programs through PSO’s Light A Life program in two key ways: 

Learn more or make a donation for Home Energy Aid Month.

Five easy ways to stay cool, save energy — and not get burned.

Oklahoma summers have a lot going for them (baseball, sunny days, lake trips, BBQs), but May to August in the Sooner State is legendary for hotter than hot temperatures. Worried about staying cool and saving money? Fear not! You don’t have to resort to sitting in a kiddie pool filled with ice (you still can, of course). Stay cool and comfy — and save cash — with these five easy tips!


  1. Become a fan…of fans.
    Don’t you just love the whirring sound of fans? It’s almost therapeutic. Fans will certainly improve your mental well-being when you see how much money they can save. Use a stand, box or ceiling fan and you can raise your thermostat by four degrees without feeling the difference. Cool, right? However, remember to turn off the fan if you’re not in the room. The wind chill effect cools the people in the room, not the room itself.


  1. Is your A/C from B.C.? Upgrade it!
    Still using the same A/C unit from, like, 25 years ago? That outdated A/C could be costing you a small fortune in energy costs. Upgrading to a new energy-efficient A/C will keep you cool all summer long. Do we offer rebates? You bet we do! Check out all of our rebate programs at


  1. Don’t cut the cords. Just unplug them.
    It’s always a good idea to unplug your electronics when you’re not using them (seriously, those puppies just suck up watts), but it’s especially smart in the summer. Think of it like this: you’re inevitably going to be using more energy in the summer because you’re cranking the A/C, right? But when you unplug your chargers, TV, computer, etc., you’re making up some of the difference. A little bit goes a long way too. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, you can save up to $100 a year.


  1. Don’t (unintentionally) heat your home.
    You may be heating your home and not even realize it. How? By leaving your blinds and curtains open. Leaving your blinds and curtains open lets in sunlight and heats up rooms, so your A/C has to work that much harder to cool your place down. Close them to save some energy this summer. While you’re at it, consider adding weather stripping to your doors and windows. You can even save on select home maintenance items with instant in-store discounts from PSO.


  1. Steer clear of the kitchen.
    Grilling outside isn’t just a lot of fun; it can help save energy too. Using kitchen appliances can raise the temperature by 10 degrees. Plus, there’s also the air conditioning cost of cooling down your home. So anytime can grill out or go out, do it!


Four home projects to increase your comfort level and reduce your energy usage

It’s a new year—and a great time to tackle some easy energy-saving DIY home projects. While they might not be as fun as that Pinterest project you have your eye on, these upgrades will help you save energy and make your home more comfortable. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and you’ll be on your way to a more energy-efficient home in no time.

Insulate those hot water pipes.

What’s the goal? Reduce heat loss and retain water temperatures up to 4 degrees warmer
How much does it cost? $10–$15
How long does it take? 3 hours or longer, depending on the size of your house
How much will you save? $8–$12 annually

Watch: Easy step-by-step instructions

Grab the caulk and seal your home air leaks.

What’s the goal? Reduce costly drafts, make your home more comfortable
How much does it cost? $3–$30
How long does it take? 1–2 hours
How much will you save? 10–20 percent of your heating bill

Read: How-to Article

Weatherstrip your harder-to-reach air leaks.

What’s the goal? Reduce drafts by sealing leaks that come from movable joints like windows and doors
How much does it cost? $5–$10
How long does it take? 1 hour
How much will you save? Up to 10 percent in energy savings

Read: Easy step-by-step instructions

Insulate your water tank.

What’s the goal? Reduce up to 45 percent of standby heat loss
How much does it cost? $30
How long does it take? 1.5 hours
How much will you save? $20–$45

Watch: Easy step-by-step instructions

2 Ways to Give Back This Holiday

There’s plenty to get excited for during the holidays. Family, gifts, treats… it’s the most joyous time of the year. But for many, the holidays can be a struggle. That’s why PSO spends the holiday season serving our friends in the community. Check out how you can join in this season of giving.

Giving Families a Ray of Hope

Did you know 40% of the people served at food pantries have to choose between paying their bills and feeding their families?

That’s why PSO started the Shine a Light Project in 2014.

Here’s how it works: every time you purchase a PSO-discounted light bulb from a participating retailer, a bulb is donated to families in need, helping them lower their energy costs. With over 400,000 bulbs donated since 2014, people like you have helped thousands of families upgrade their homes and bring down their bills. A small purchase can make a big difference to your neighbors in need.

Click here to learn ways you can get involved!

Make Someone’s Month

Life is unpredictable. That’s why it’s crucial to support programs that keep people cozy even when emergencies strike.

PSO is a proud partner of the Salvation Army’s Light A Life Fund, a year-round program that helps Oklahoma families in need pay for the energy to heat and cool their homes. The program is funded by small donations from caring customers like you.

Looking to help? When you get your next statement in the mail, just check the “donate” box. Your contribution will go towards a free month of heating and cooling for a family who cannot pay their bill due to a financial emergency.

From our family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!