Ben’s Aging HVAC Spurred a Whole Home Reboot

Home Heating and Cooling

Sand Springs resident Ben Belden, his wife and young son love horseback riding. They also love their home — a 1500-square-foot beauty built in the late 70s. But their HVAC? That’s another tale.

“The unit was 20-something years old, and wasn’t working well,” Ben said. With inconsistent temperatures throughout his home, he knew it was time to put that old unit out to pasture. When Ben called a local service provider out to his home, things immediately started looking up.

“They told me about PSO and their rebates on heat and air units. Once they put in the new unit, they recommended getting my ducts tested. Someone from PSO came out, tested everything.” The ducts looked good, but additional attic insulation was recommended. Thankfully, PSO offers rebates on that, too.

“The combination of those things made a big difference. Temperatures are even. We’re not running the unit as much. And we’re seeing substantial savings on our bill.”