Building Blocks: Five Tips for a Stronger, More Energy-Efficient Neighborhood

Green Home

Strong neighborhoods build strong communities, something we all want to be a part of. And when each household makes energy-efficient choices, the impact is truly powerful. Try these simple ideas to help build a stronger, more energy-efficient neighborhood. 

Go outside.

Instead of playing around on your phone or sitting in front of the TV, take a walk around the block. Stop and chat with other neighbors as you go. Learn how they’re saving energy, and share how you are too. You’ll build stronger relationships and encourage others to do the same.

Volunteer together.

Get a group together and pick up litter in a nearby park or rake leaves for an elderly neighbor. You could even help each other plant a shade tree to help reduce summer cooling costs. Not only will you get to know members of your community, but you’ll help make your community a cleaner, better place to live too.

Have a party.

Holidays are always a good excuse for a celebration. Throw a block party on the Fourth of July or Labor Day, and invite the whole neighborhood to join. Encourage everyone to bring a food dish, and set up games and activities for the kids. If the party is at your house, show off the home weatherization steps you’ve taken for the summer. Haven’t taken any yet? Learn all about them here.

Set up an email list.

Make sure everyone in your neighborhood stays in the loop with upcoming events, parties, PSO rebates and more. It’s an easy, practical way to connect the entire community. You can even forward PSO’s monthly newsletters to your group, or encourage neighbors to sign up themselves.

Be neighborly.

Courtesy costs nothing. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway in the winter or mow their lawn in the summer. They’re sure to appreciate it, and may even return the favor down the road. Another considerate idea? Explain how neighbors can save money with PSO’s free Power Hours program.