Six Kitchen Tips to Cook Up Savings

Home Hacks

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving feasts, winter sweets, and holiday dinners. It is safe to say that your kitchen is about to get a workout! Check out these tips for getting the most out of your kitchen this holiday season.

An Open Secret

Avoid opening the oven door when in use. Doing so releases the oven’s hot air, making the oven work harder to replace the escaped heat. Resist the urge by keeping your oven window clean and installing an oven thermometer.

Big Results, Small Packages

While they’re small in size, your crockpot and microwave are the most energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen. Plus, they’re far less labor-intensive than bigger appliances. When possible, skip the stove and give the little guys a try.

Put a Lid on It

Cooking with a lid on your pots and pans can cut your energy usage by up to 66%. Plus, using a lid cooks food faster by trapping in excess heat.

Play it Cool

Putting food in the fridge? Chill. Let food cool before you put it in the refrigerator. Hot food temporarily raises the temperature inside the fridge, forcing it to use more energy to keep cool. So chill out before you stash those leftovers. And let your food do the same.

Find Your Match

Saving energy is a game of inches. Use pans that are the same size as your heating elements. The difference may seem small, but using a 6” pan on a 10” burner wastes at least 40% of the energy produced by the stove.

Bake Better

Try out glass and ceramic bakeware this holiday season. These types trap in heat and cook food faster, saving you time and energy.