Five Easy and Affordable Ways to Weatherize your Home

Home Hacks

Did you know PSO weatherizes around 2,000 customer homes a year – all at no cost for qualifying customers? It’s true!

But anyone can benefit from adding simple weatherization upgrades to their homes. If you’re the DIY type, try these five easy and affordable ways to weatherize your home!

Seal up switches and outlets.

Most people don’t think about sealing switches and outlets, but up to 5% of air infiltration comes from outlets on outside walls. Crazy, right? Sealing switches and outlets on your outlet walls is a super easy way to save energy, especially since you can insulate your outlets across your entire house for less than a few dollars.

Sweep your doors.

You know those ⅛-inch gaps on front doors? They let as much air into your home as a half-opened window! Installing door sweeps is an easy, affordable way to stop drafts. To test if you need it, put a piece of paper on the door frame and shut the door. If you can pull out the paper without tearing it, you need a door sweep. Plus, you can get a door sweep rebate from PSO!

Weatherproof your doors and windows.

While you’re sealing your doors, you might as well weatherproof them too (and windows as well). If you can stick your fingernail in the gap between the door or window and the frames, it’s time to weatherstrip your doors and windows.

Bonus: Not only does weatherstripping boost air quality and stop unwanted drafts, it keeps bugs out of your home, and prevents moisture and mold.

Caulk the exterior of your home.

Get out your caulking gun: There are so many places outside your home that need it. To keep air from entering or escaping your home, caulk around the following places:

  • The outside edges of windows and doors, including basement windows
  • Any opening on the wall of your house, such as water spigots, A/C hoses, electrical outlets, and gas and water pipes
  • Any large hole or crack on the outside of your home

Check insulation.

Your attic may be a major energy loser if it’s not insulated properly. Protect your home from cold, heat, and humidity — and huge energy loss — by making sure your attic is properly insulated. Not sure where to start? Here’s how to check!

Try these five easy and affordable weatherization tips, and your home will be in much better shape. And don’t forget to see if you qualify for our weatherization assistance.