Five Outdoor Tips to Help Your Energy Savings Grow

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Whether it’s at home or work, we love showing you all of the ways you can save energy inside, but there are also lots of ways you can save energy in the great outdoors too.

Besides, what better way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 than getting outside, saving energy and improving your home’s efficiency too. Check out these easy, energy-saving outdoor ideas!

Plant a tree to shade your home.

Summer heat leave you stumped? Wishing the bright sunlight would “leaf” you alone? Plant a shade tree!

To block direct sunlight and keep your home cooler plant your tree on the southeast, west or southwest side of your home. Shade trees can screen your home from up to 70% of the sun’s rays and help reduce energy use up to 50%.

Be sure to check out our helpful planting tips and download our Tree Tips Planning Guide

Plant veggies too.

Want to give your tree some company? Here’s an idea that’s good enough to eat: Plant a vegetable garden.

While they won’t grow as tall as a tree, veggies can still help block out some sunlight, and they’ll give your family delicious produce too.

Keep your A/C debris free.

Are there plants, leaves, sticks or other debris on or near your air conditioner? Get out the hedge clippers!

It’s very important to make sure your A/C equipment is free from obstructions and to keep any nearby plants neatly trimmed. Debris buildup dramatically impacts your A/C’s performance. Even worse, it could cause a fire.

Sensors make more sense.

Why leave your outdoor lights on when nobody is outside? Install a timer or motion sensor instead.

While you’re at it, switch your outdoor lights to LED, which use up to 90% less energy than conventional bulbs. 

Get an ENERGY STAR®-certified swimming pool pump.  

It’s almost swimming pool season! That’s awesome news to be sure, but it also means you’ll be using one of the summer’s biggest energy gulpers: your pool pump.

Switch to an ENERGY STAR-certified swimming pool pump so you can save energy while perfecting your swan dive. Plus, you can also get a $400 rebate from us

Try these five easy ideas and you’ll spring into savings this April.