Four Date-Night Tips for a Cozy and Efficient Night In

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Nothing says “I love you” like saving energy! Does energy efficiency not seem like the most romantic topic? Au contraire. Just wait until you see our ideas.

Take romantic advice from your service provider — after all we’re experts in electricity — with these four date-night tips.

1. Set the mood by dimming the lights.

Dimming the lights not only sets the mood; it helps you save electricity too. Especially when you use ENERGY STAR®-certified LED light bulbs, which use 90% less electricity than normal bulbs.

Cut down your lighting to 0% – and boost the mood 100% – with a candle-lit dinner.

2. Stream a movie on a tablet instead of the TV.

Tablets use 15-30 Watts, while most TVs use up to 60 Watts. Plus, it’s easier to snuggle with your tablet.

Or surprise your sweetie with a new, energy-efficient TV! Just look for the Energy Star logo, which means the TV uses up to 25% less energy than conventional models.

3. Warm up by the fire.

Is there anything more romantic than curling up by the fire? We think not. Maybe set your heater just a few degrees lower, grab your favorite quilt or blanket, put on a cozy sweater, and cuddle on the couch with your sweetie.

Pair with tip No. 3 for the perfect romantic rendezvous.

4. Don’t roam. Cook at home!

Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven — a convection oven that is.

Skip the crowded restaurants and reserve a table for two (you can invite the kids too), and cook a special feast with your convection oven, microwave or slow cooker, which use less energy than your oven or stove. Ramp up the romance factor and cook your meal two-gether!

Save electricity for a special day — and every day — with rebates and tips from your pals at PSO!