Four Tips for an Efficient (and Productive) Home Office

Home Hacks, Home Lighting and Electronics

Many parts of 2020 won’t stand the test of time (e.g., Tiger King binge-sessions), but working from home is here to stay. Sure, some people are back in the office, but many have switched to working from home full time or even to a hybrid model.

Whether you’re clocking in from your couch or only working from home twice a week, you’re probably using more electricity now than you would otherwise given the increased time you’re spending at your abode.

Let us help. Here are some other tips to set up your home office to boost productivity and save energy.

Use a Laptop

Think about it: Your average laptops use up to 90% less energy than desktop computers. Best part? You can work from bed. (Just be sure to change your Zoom background.)

If you have to use a desktop, be sure to shut it off if you’re away for two hours or more. Starting your computer up uses less energy than leaving it idle all the time.

Plug Into an ADVANCED Power Strip

Bad news: Even if you power down your computer or other electronic devices, they’re still draining energy. It may not be Halloween yet, but these “energy vampires” suck up energy all year long.

Switch to an ADVANCED power strip, which helps keep energy vampires from draining your bill and comes with an instant rebate up to $14 from us.

Don’t Print Documents

Do trees a favor: Read documents on your computer instead of printing them. Not only does this cut down on paper (and your office supply bill for that matter), it also uses less electricity as you’re not powering your printer as much.

Be Bright About Lights

Don’t want to work in the dark? We don’t blame you, especially since it looks really weird on video calls. However, leaving your overhead lights on is super inefficient. What to do?

Open your blinds to use the solar system’s largest lantern, the sun. Or use task-lighting, such as lamps, to only light what you need to see, not the whole room.

Whatever you’re using for light, be sure you make the switch to energy-efficient LEDs, which come with instant rebates from us. Switching to LED lightbulbs is one of the smartest and simplest upgrades you can make.

Whether you’re at home, the coffee shop or the office, make your energy-efficient workspace work for you with rebates and tips and tricks from your pals at PSO!