Freezing Temps? Snow Problem — Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

Home Hacks, Seasonal and Holiday

The holiday season is a time of peace, comfort, and joy…but sometimes Oklahoma weather doesn’t get the memo. Don’t get caught shivering. Prep your home for winter weather with these four tips! 

1.) Do an (energy) audit.

It’s the holiday season, not tax season (*shiver*), however it’s always a smart investment to do a professional energy audit to assess your home’s efficiency. If you make less than $50,000 you may even qualify for a free audit and upgrades like attic insulation and duct sealing! Talk about a sweet holiday treat, right? See how it works and if you qualify.

2.) Insulate your windows. Save a quarter.

And by “quarter” we don’t mean 25 cents — we mean 25 percent! According to the Department of Energy, heat gained and lost through windows is responsible for 25-30% of residential energy use. Save yourself a lot of energy (and a whole lot of quarters) and purchase an inexpensive, easy-to-install window insulation kit.

3.) Clean your chimney.

Cleaning your chimney once a year doesn’t just increase your home’s energy efficiency; it protects your loved ones from serious danger. An unclean chimney accumulates material that creates a fire risk. Birds can also live in your chimney rent-free, creating dangerous potential blockages with their nest. Consult a professional to evict them and other pesky debris.

4.) Use a candle to check for leaks.

This is a neat little tip: use a lighted candle or incense stick to check for leaks on walls and ceilings. If the smoke blows sideways, you’ve probably got an air leak. Seal the leak with weather stripping, caulk or foam sealant. Your home will smell nice and the energy savings will be very nice.

These are just a handful of ways you can prep your home for winter weather, but there are so many smart, energy-efficient things you can be doing. Check out even more smart energy tips to help you save all year long.