Get in the Game — Four Ways to Save Energy Like a Champion

Home Hacks

Fall is almost here! After that scorcher of a summer, we’re looking forward to the crisp air, cool weather, and, oh yeah, lots of football! But just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you should punt on following energy-saving habits. In fact, now’s a great time to invest in energy-efficient products that can really make a big difference on your household’s energy use. You can’t win a big game without a great playbook, so here are four ways to save energy like a champion!

ADVANCED Power Strips – the real MVP.

Bench your conventional power strip and replace it with an ADVANCED power strip (APS) instead. Conventional power strips still draw energy from electronic devices even when they’re not in use. This is known as “Vampire Load” (spooky) and can add up to $200 in annual energy costs for the average home (really spooky!). Switch to an APS instead, which has built-in features that dramatically reduce the amount of energy being used. There are many types available, so find a participating retailer and get up to a $14 rebate from us!

Watch the big game and score big savings, too.

Planning on upgrading your TV for football season? Nice move. Make a smart play and get an ENERGY STAR® certified TV, which saves on average 25% more energy than regular TVs. And yes, you can still get all of the features you love: internet connectivity, high dynamic range, and of course, ultra-high definition. ENERGY STAR® certified TVs have pretty much everything, except the waste. Visit to see available TVs.

Score savings with an energy-efficient refrigerator.

What is football without snacks? Frankly, we don’t even want to consider it. But all those snack breaks can really add up when it comes to your fridge’s energy usage. First, make snacks easily accessible so you can limit the number of times you open the refrigerator to grab a snack. Second, invest in an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator, which can save around 9% more energy compared to models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard. See how you can save on your purchase with rebates from PSO.

Make the winning call – enroll in My Energy Advisor.

If there are 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter and your team is down by two, you’re probably not focused on your home’s overall energy use. But what about the rest of the week? Or the rest of the year for that matter?  My Energy Advisor is kind of like your energy coach, as it gives great advice all year long. Our easy-to-use, energy tracking tool gives you a detailed picture of how much energy you’re using—and how much you can be saving. To enjoy greater savings and comfort year-round, enroll in My Energy Advisor.

Investing in energy-saving electronics, appliances and more is always a winning play. We’ve mentioned a few products above, but we offer so many more rebates. To see all the ways you can save, visit our rebates page!