Get Your Home Ready for “Sweater Weather”

Home Heating and Cooling

What’s our favorite part about fall? That’s easy: everything.

Okay, we’re not crazy about fall chores (who is?), but thankfully getting your home ready for cooler weather is easier than you think. Plus, you’ll thank yourself when your home is warm, cozy, and energy-efficient this winter.

We know you’re sweater-ready. But is your home? It will be. Cozy up with these five energy-saving tips:

Seal those pesky air leaks.

You know about air leaks on your windows and doors, but what about around your fireplace mantle or your overhead lighting fixtures? Yep, sneaky air leaks can pop up around lots of places, costing you up to 40% of the energy used to heat your home. Seal those pesky air leaks and get a rebate from us! P.S. Our latest “Save the Watts” TV commercial talks about air leaks.

Use Mother Nature’s heater: the sun.

The sun is the most energy-efficient heating system there is, so take advantage of it! Heat your home during the day by opening the curtains on your south-facing windows. Close them at night to prevent heat from escaping. 

Tune up your heater (or upgrade it).

Sure, the sun is great for cool weather, but once it gets really cold you’ll want to use your furnace. Make sure it’s ready and schedule a tune up with a professional. You’d much rather find and fix any issues in October instead of January or February. Need a new unit? We have rebates to help you pay for an energy-efficient upgrade. 

Sweep away dry leaves.

This isn’t just an energy-saving tip, but an energy-safety tip too. When you’re clearing leaves, make sure to sweep them away from power cords, lighting fixtures, outdoor outlets, and especially your HVAC unit. Dry leaves don’t just cost you energy, they can catch on fire if hit by a spark. You’re clearing leaves anyway, so make sure they are far away from electrical units. 

Are you looking for even more ways to get your home winter ready? Watch this quick video from our friends at ENERGY STAR:

Follow these fall tips for an awesome (and energy-efficient) autumn!