Go Green and Save Green with These 4 Black Friday Gift Ideas

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Who doesn’t love a good deal? After all, that’s why Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year!

While Black Friday is known for its one-day sales, your pals at PSO offer you massive rebates on popular products all year long! Best part? These energy-efficient products can save you energy and money by lowering your household’s electricity use.

Here are some of our favorite energy-efficient products, and how much you can save on them with rebates from us!

Advanced Power Strips
Do you think your electronics no longer use electricity once they’re turned off? Think again. Many electronics are “energy vampires,” meaning they use energy even after they’re turned off. Stop the energy drain at the source with advanced power strips, which keep your electronics from drawing power when they are turned off (and come with an instant rebate from us).
SAVINGS: Save up to $22

ENERGY STAR® Certified Level 2 Smart EV Charger
December is one of the most popular months for buying a car. Thinking about joining the thousands of Oklahomans making the switch to electric vehicles? Let us help you out with a rebate on qualifying Level 2 Smart EV chargers.
SAVINGS: Save up to $250

The weather may be crisp and cool now, but winter will be here before you know it, and you know what that means…Brrrrrr! Don’t be stuck shivering thanks to your old HVAC – upgrade to a new energy-efficient one. It will not only keep your family warm and cozy all winter long, but can save you big time, even during the season’s chilliest days. Plus, PSO has multiple rebates available for qualifying HVACs.
SAVINGS: Save up to $800

ENERGY STAR® Certified Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat

Whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer, your thermostat always gets a workout when you call Oklahoma home. But with a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat, you can set your homes’ temps wherever you are. For example, when the weather’s chilly, you can save energy by lowering the temps while you’re at work, then heat up your home while your on your way so your house is nice and warm when you arrive!
SAVINGS: Save $75

Who says you need to wait until Black Friday to get the best deals? Visit our rebates page and see how PSO can help you save all year long!