Go Green (and Save Green) with These 4 Earth Day Essentials

Green Home

When it comes to saving energy for your home and family, “going green” is always a good thing. However, there’s no better time than April 22nd, a.k.a. Earth Day!

It doesn’t have to be hard, costly or inconvenient. Just follow these four smart and simple ways to go green — and save green!

Look for simple swaps that save

Your home is full of energy-saving potential! Start by making simple changes to your daily routines – like washing your laundry with cold water, or running your dishwasher on eco-mode. Check out our tips page to find more small ways to make a big impact.

Support Oklahoma wind power

Switching to wind is a win-win-win! Support clean, affordable, and abundant Oklahoma wind power with PSO’s WindChoice. For just a few dollars more per month, you can enroll your home or business to use up to 100% wind power.

See if solar is right for you

Solar panels can be a big investment. See if solar power makes sense (and saves cents) for you with our solar calculator. Be sure to also download our solar guide to see if switching to solar is right for you and your family.

Get plugged in with electric vehicles

With more electric vehicle (EV) models and charging stations than ever, now’s a great time to switch to an EV! See how to relieve your pain at the pump and get in on the EV movement with our helpful guide to electric cars . Take advantage of our programs, offers, and resources, plus our rebate worth $250 on ENERGY STAR® certified EV Level 2 smart chargers and visit Get To Know EV find out more about EVs!

Wherever you are on your energy-saving journey, we are always here to help!

Happy Earth Day from PSO!