Happy Energyween: Get Scary Awesome Energy Savings With These Four Tips

Home Hacks, Seasonal and Holiday

Don’t be haunted by energy vampires. Celebrate National Energy Awareness month and Energyween with these four scary good energy savings!

Handing out candy? Light your home with candles!

When it comes to saving energy, candles have no “match” (#dadjoke). So if you’re staying home to hand out candy, turn off your lights and set the stage with spooky candles instead. Check out these helpful candle safety tips. Not staying in? No worries. Try energy-efficient LED string lighting in a variety of Halloween colors.

Keep out spooky spirits (aka air leaks).

Stop unwanted drafts from giving you goose bumps. Seal air leaks around windows, doors and outlets. We offer rebates on air sealing, as well as instant savings on door seals and sweeps.

Take advantage of flue season.

Your chimney flue, that is. Save some serious green and heat your home with your fireplace. It’ll save you money, keep your home comfy, and, most importantly, help keep witches and goblins from coming through your chimney. Just make sure your chimney is properly maintained, and remember to close your flue when you’re not using it.

Eliminate energy vampires.

Your old power strip silently sucks electricity all day. Want to defeat this energy vampire? Switch to an ADVANCED Power Strip. It uses less electricity than old power strips and smells much better than garlic. Best part? We’ll help you pay for it!

What’s even sweeter than candy? Saving energy and money! Check out our spooktacular rebates on energy-saving products and home upgrades