How to Spot Air Leaks and Save the Watts

Home Heating and Cooling

Air leaks are small spots that can make a huge difference in your household’s energy use. In fact, about 10-25% of the energy used to cool homes escapes through air leaks.

You probably know the usual places to spot air leaks, like window seals and door frames. But there are so many other places you may not know about where air can escape your home, costing you energy, money—and Watts!

Here are some “under-the-radar” places where air can leak out of your home:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Switch plates
  • Electrical and gas service entrances
  • Baseboards
  • Weather stripping around doors
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Attic hatches
  • Keyholes
  • Vents and fans
  • All exterior corners
  • Outdoor water faucets
  • Where siding and chimneys meet outside

Yeah, it’s a lot. While only a tiny amount of air may be escaping from your home in any one of these spots, it all adds up. Pretty soon a little bit goes a long way. 

Here are some general tips for preventing those pesky air leaks.

  • Caulk, seal and weatherstrip openings.
  • Repair and weatherstrip air leaks in the home. 
  • See if qualify for our free Home Weatherization Assistance, including a home inspection from our partner, Titan ES.
  • Even if you don’t qualify for the free service, you can receive a PSO rebate on air sealing when you make two or more qualifying home upgrades through a participating service provider. Find a service provider.

Save energy. Save money. Save Watts. Spot and seal those pesky air leaks!