Invest in Insulation. Increase Your Coziness. Winning!

Home Heating and Cooling

Nothing beats a cozy, comfy fall day, right? Well, one of the best ways to improve your home’s comfort all year long is through proper insulation. But insulation doesn’t just improve comfort, it can also save you energy, especially during those chilly winter months. According to the EPA, you can save an average of 15% on your heating and cooling costs by air-sealing your home and insulating your attics, floors and crawlspaces. We call that a win-win-WIN! So whether it’s attic, floor, crawlspace, or all of the above, here’s why you should invest in insulation.


Your attic is great for storing old clothes and decorations, but it’s even better for protecting your home from cold, heat and humidity — especially when it has been properly insulated. Remember that heat rises so your attic can be a major energy loser. No wonder that according to Department of Energy estimates, proper insulation can save you 20% in reduced energy usage. While the statistics vary, they all agree on one thing: you’ll save a lot!


Attic insulation gets a lot of attention, but floor insulation is super important, too.  First things first, you can’t add insulation to a home with concrete slab flooring (sorry folks), but you can add insulation to many types of flooring. In addition to energy savings, floor insulation has many other proven benefits. For one, it improves your home’s thermal efficiency, which is a fancy way of saying you’ll be able to retain desirable temps all year without excessive heating or cooling. It also prevents cold air from creeping in through the floor. You may not be worried about that now, but trust us, winter is coming, and you’ll want your floor insulation to be ready.


Like attic and floor insulation, adding crawlspace insulation improves comfort, helps lower your energy bill, and reduces the risk of moisture and mold buildup in your home. Another thing it does? Keeps out insects and rodents. We know you probably don’t like to think about these four-legged, eight-legged and 1000-legged home invaders, but you should. Crawlspace insulation kicks out these creepy crawlies, making your home way more sanitary, and helping to improve your sanity as well.

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