Little Light House Digs Deep to Save Big With Geothermal Rebates

Green Business

The Customer

The Little Light House is a local, Tulsa-based nonprofit focused on improving the lives of children with special needs. Learn more about its mission here.

The Challenge

As a nonprofit, The Little Light House was looking for ways to reduce its utility bills — and save money for its mission. During the planning and construction phase of adding a wing to its existing building, Little Light House conducted an audit to determine how much it could save by installing a geothermal system.

The Solution

A geothermal heat pump was installed six feet below the Little Light House parking lot, with minimal disruption to its day-to-day operations. The system allows the building to take advantage of the ground’s consistent temperature to more efficiently heat and cool the building. The organization saved thousands thanks to PSO’s business rebates, and the new geothermal system has made a big difference on its bottom line. Thanks to PSO, The Little Light House is able to save money for what matters most: helping children with special needs.

Geothermal Rebate Additional Renovations Rebate Total Rebate
Geothermal Systems Savings Additional Renovations Total Energy Savings
256,782 kWh+93,826 kWh=350,608 kWh

Consider geothermal for your business. It’s a smart and innovative solution to enjoy a lifetime of energy savings. Especially when PSO helps you pay for it with major rebates.