Make 2023 Your Most Energy-Efficient Year Ever

Home Hacks

Ready to make 2023 your most energy-efficient year ever? Great, we are too – and we’re here to help you!

We’re including simple tips, because saving anything helps tremendously. Plus, simple resolutions are much easier to stick with throughout the year (this is true for every resolution, right?) However, if you want to go the extra mile, we’re here to help, and we have included ways to save even more!

Check out these easy, energy-saving resolutions:

Resolution #1: Turn off the lights.

Our first resolution is the easiest—turn off the lights when you’re not in the room. Your furniture won’t mind sitting in the dark, so flip the switch when you exit a room.

Save even more: Switch to LED lights, which use up to 90% less energy than conventional lights.

Resolution #2: Turn off your computer.

Going to be away from your computer for two hours or more? Simply turn it off! Your computer uses more energy when it’s “asleep” or even with a screensaver than it does powering back on, so simply turn it off when you’re away or done for the day.

Save even more: Switch to a laptop, which uses up to 90% less energy than a desktop.

Resolution #3: Unplug when you’re done charging.

Want to give 110%? Stop charging after 100%! Sure, it’s easy to leave your phone or laptop charging, but once it hits 100% it doesn’t fill the battery up any more, it just uses more electricity. So unplug at 100%!

Save even more: Unplugging your electronics (TVs, video game systems) will save a lot, but it’s not always feasible. So, switch to an advanced power strip, which keeps your electronics from draining power when they’re turned off. Plus, PSO offers a rebate to help you pay for them!

Resolution #4: Clean up your laundry routine.

Wash wisely with these easy (and free) tips: Wash full loads of laundry in cold water; go old-school and dry your clothes on a clothesline when it’s warm outside; and always clean your dryer’s lint filter, as it not only saves energy, it could prevent a fire!

Save even more: Switch to an ENERGY STAR®-certified washer and dryer, and receive a PSO rebate for each.

Resolution #5: Don’t touch that dial.

You know which one we’re talking about – your thermostat. Here are some helpful rules-of-thumb to follow instead: During the winter, set your thermostat to 68 degrees when you’re at home, and lower it at night or when you’re away; in the summer, set it to a minimum of 78 degrees and use ceiling fans to keep you cool.

Save even more: Sign up for PSO Power Hours and get a $50 e-gift card when you enroll a Wi-Fi thermostat, plus a $25 e-gift card for each registered thermostat at the end of the season.

Thank you for making these easy, energy-saving resolutions. It makes a big difference. This year let’s make our community a better, more energy-efficient place for us all to live!