March Into Savings with our Spring Energy Checklist

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Spring is here! We’re looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outside. We’re also looking forward to helping you save energy this spring, and prepare for one of the busiest energy seasons of the year: summer. 

Follow our spring energy-saving checklist so you can save in March, April and May, and be ready for the hot summer days.

Get your HVAC inspected and maintained.

Spring is sandwiched between the two busiest energy seasons of the year: winter and summer. Your heating system got a workout this winter, so schedule an inspection with an expert to ensure optimum performance. Now’s a great time to get your HVAC system checked out before warmer temps arrive. 

Switch your fan’s direction.

It’s that time again! Now that the weather is warmer, remember to switch your fan’s direction to counter-clockwise to blow cool air straight down. Pro tip: Fans cool people, not rooms. So turn off the fan if nobody’s in the room.

Beat the air leaks.

If you didn’t seal leaks and ducts already, you probably felt the chilling effects this winter. You may not have to worry about cool drafts in March, but air leaks can still cost you up to 25% of the energy used to cool your home. During the hot summer months, that can add up fast. So seal your air leaks and ducts, and get rebates from us.

Replace air filters.

Remember to replace your air filters once a month to maintain optimum performance from your heating and cooling system. This is especially important as you switch your system from heating to air conditioning. 

Keep stuff away from your thermostat.

Sprucing up your pad for spring? If you’re moving lamps and electronics around, be sure to keep your stuff away from the thermostat. Your A/C senses heat from your appliances, which can make it run longer than necessary.

Spring into savings with these five simple tips this March! For more ways to save, visit our tips page.