Party Playbook: 5 Ways to Kick Off Game Day Savings

Home Hacks

Football season and fall go together like, well, football season and fall. The gridiron is a big deal whether you’re rooting for a high school, college, or pro team (or — most likely — all three).

You don’t have to be a pro to know that every big game needs a playbook, especially when you’re planning a game day party. Putting on an epic party doesn’t have to cost you lots of energy or money — at least not when you invite your pals from PSO (hint, hint). Here are five pro tips to kick off your savings:

1. Turn down the heater.

Most football games are in the fall and winter, when you’re using the heater to stay warm. However, if you’re throwing a party then you’ve already got a built-in heater — a group of pumped-up, passionate fans. When you’ve got a bunch of people in one room you can save some energy by lowering the thermostat a few degrees.

2. Cook for your party, not the O-Line.

You’re probably cooking for a few buddies, not your favorite team’s offensive line. So take that into consideration when planning your menu. You’ll not only avoid wasting food, you’ll also save on the energy used to cook it. If you’re using your oven to cook some tasty treats, be sure not to peek: Opening the oven door can drop the temperature inside and cause your oven to work harder and use more energy.

3. Turn off other electronic devices.

The TV will be the big draw for a couple of hours, which means your computers can be turned off and electronics don’t need to charge. Also, remember to turn off the lights in rooms without people.

4. Upgrade your TV.

Speaking of TVs, this might be the season you upgrade your big-screen to an ENERGY STAR®-certified one. Besides making you feel like you’re actually in the stadium, these TVs also save on average 25% more electricity than conventional models. Save even more and plug in with an ADVANCED Power Strip, which comes with instant savings from us.

5. Don’t leave the refrigerator or freezer open.

Whether you’re prepping snacks, or have lots of hands grabbing drinks from the fridge, keep the door shut as much as you can. Just like your oven, it takes much more electricity to maintain the temperature with the door open. Stock a cooler instead!

Bonus Tailgating Tips!

Actually going to the game? Nice! Most tailgate parties don’t use a lot of electricity anyway (given you’re not at home); however, they can consume other sources of energy. Here are some ways to plan a sustainable tailgate party:

  • Carpool so you’re using less fuel to get there.
  • Grill with propane instead of charcoal to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Bring reusable dishes and cutlery.

The most important tip of all? Invite us! Just kidding (kinda). Whatever your sport, score savings with tips from us.