PSO Shines a Light on Food Insecurity for 9 Years in a Row

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At PSO, we realize the most important power isn’t electricity — it’s people power. So we’re proud to help make a difference in our neighbors’ lives through programs like The Shine a Light Project.

Here’s a disheartening statistic: More than 40% of Oklahomans who rely on food pantries for basic groceries report they have to choose between paying their bills and feeding their families.

We don’t think families should have to choose between utilities and groceries. So, we’ve distributed LED light bulbs to 22 different food pantries across our service territory – helping serve over 100 communities, and helping families save money on their utility bills. By spending less on electricity, these families in need are able to have more money for food and other necessities.

In the past nine years, we’ve donated more than 750,000 energy-efficient bulbs, saving a total of 16 million kWh annually – the equivalent of 1,200 homes’ total energy use!

The tradition continued this year. We’re proud to announce that we donated more than 118,560 LED light bulbs to families in need!

Thank you to our partners for helping us brighten the holiday season – and every season – to our friends and neighbors in need!