Five Ways to Save While You’re on Vacay

Home Hacks

Vacation season is here! Wherever you’re going, being energy efficient is probably the last thing on your mind.

We get it, but we’ve got good news: It’s super easy to save, even while you’re away. Just follow these five tips before your trip.

1. Turn off your water heater.

It takes most water heaters only about an hour to reheat your water to the set temperature. You lose a lot of energy when your water heater sits around on standby, so shut it off when you’re gone for three or more days.

2. Fill your refrigerator.

Are you the type to empty your fridge before a big trip? Here’s a counterintuitive life hack: A fully stocked, tightly packed refrigerator holds cold better than an empty one does.

We’re not suggesting you buy a bunch of perishable items that’ll spoil while you’re away. Instead, fill your refrigerator with water containers and ice trays. Save even more and set your refrigerator to 38 degrees and your freezer to 5 degrees.

3. Turn off fans and lights.

Here’s a super easy tip: Turn off your overhead fans and lights before you leave. Fans cool people, not rooms, so leaving them on while you’re away is an unnecessary waste.

Leaving lights on in an empty room uses a lot of energy, whether you’re home or away. Worried about security? Use a timer so you’re not leaving your lights on all day.

4. Not using it? Unplug it.

TVs, Blu-Rays, coffee makers, cable/satellite boxes, computers — you name it, if you’re not using it, unplug it. If you’d rather not go to the trouble of unplugging everything, use an ADVANCED power strip, which keeps electronics from draining electricity when they’re not in use. Get one (or several) of your own, and we’ll pay you for it

5. Keeping your home cool is a cinch.

If you leave your blinds and curtains open during the summer, you’ll come home to an uncomfortable house! Close your blinds and curtains to block out sunlight and keep your home cool.

Keep your home even cooler and install a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat. You can set it on “vacation” mode before you go, or even adjust it while you’re on the beach! See how you can even get a $75 instant rebate on qualifying Wi-Fi thermostats by signing up for PSO Power Hours.

Wherever you’re going, stay safe and have a wonderful trip. Your pals at PSO will be here to help you save even more energy when you get back!