Review Our Checklist to Keep Your A/C on Track

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Spring has sprung, which means summer is just around the corner. Your A/C never works harder than during the summer, so you want to make sure it’s ready.

When you keep your A/C unit maintained, you boost comfort, keep costs down, and ensure it runs smoothly all year long. You should get regular HVAC tune-ups from a contractor twice a year — right now before summer, and again in the fall before winter. Plus, you can also get up to a $100 rebate from us when you schedule a tune-up with a participating service provider.

In between tune-ups, follow these four simple tips to keep your system running at its peak throughout the spring and beyond.

Check your air filter regularly.
Check your air filters at least once a month, especially when it’s working extra hard in the summer and winter. If it looks dirty, change it. Otherwise, change it every 3 months, and take advantage of a rebate from us.

Keep your system free of debris.

Clear your outdoor A/C unit of leaves, dirt and sticks every other week to allow for maximum airflow and to increase the lifespan of your system.

Listen for unusual noises.

Weird noises in your system usually signal a blockage, loose bolts or other problems that require immediate attention. So keep your ears open and your A/C clear!

Use fans to give your system a rest.

Is the day a little bit cooler than normal? Give your A/C the day off (it’s been working hard, after all), and run your fans counter-clockwise instead. Giving your system a break every now and then can lengthen its life and save you money.

Follow our checklist and you’ll go far in keeping your A/C ready for summer!