Save Smarter: The 411 on Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles are taking off, with more and more Oklahomans deciding to ditch the pump and go all-in on electric vehicles.

Are you considering an electric or hybrid vehicle, but still have questions?

Let us help you save smarter. Here’s the 411 on electric vehicles!

EV chargers come in three different levels:

Level 1: Slowest

These alternating current (AC) chargers usually come with your electric vehicle. Given they can be plugged into a regular 110-volt wall outlet, they typically are used at home to charge your vehicle overnight.

Level 2: Mid-range

Although these are also AC chargers, they need to be plugged into a 208-volt or 240-volt wall outlet, the same you use for dryers and air conditioners. By choosing an ENERGY STAR EV charger, you’ll use 40% less energy in standby mode than a standard model. Given that EV chargers are in standby mode most of the time, this can lead to more savings. Most Level 2 smart chargers even allow you to program the times you wish to charge your vehicle. Plus, you can also get a $250 rebate on ENERGY STAR®-certified Level 2 smart chargers from us.

Level 3: Fastest

Also known as DC Fast, these chargers use direct current (DC) power, which allow them to charge the fastest. They are typically found along interstates and highways or in public places. Did you know there are more than 1,000 Level 3 charging stations around Oklahoma?

How to decide on an EV charger:

Am I going to charge my car in the garage or outdoors? If it’s outside, you’ll need to make sure your charger is rated for the outdoors.

What charger level do I need? This depends on how much you drive. If you drive a lot, we recommend an ENERGY STAR®-certified Level 2 smart charger (which again, you can get with a $250 rebate from us).

Should I get a portable charger or a wall-mounted charger? While some chargers can be plugged directly into your wall, others need a 240-volt outlet, which needs to be installed by a certified electrician. Yes, this may cost more initially, but your EV will charge much faster.

Why should I drive an electric vehicle?

There are so many reasons why driving an EV is a good thing! The most obvious is they have lower fuel costs, require far less maintenance, and are more affordable to buy and own than ever!

Still have questions? Check out our electric vehicle page, which gives you all the information you need on switching to an EV!