Saving by Design: Design Tricks to Improve Efficiency

Home Hacks

Does your home need a certain something? We’ve all been there, especially when you’ve lived in the same house for a while. 

Believe it or not, saving energy can be stylish, especially when you take advantage of your home’s design. You don’t have to knock out a wall either, as you can make easy, energy-saving changes with nothing but a few tools, a coat of paint, and a free afternoon to save on utility costs all year long. 

Lighten up on paint.

Brighter colors boost your mood and they can also reduce your energy use too. Paint walls that get direct sunlight with a lighter color to reflect heat and accentuate natural lighting, which reduces your need for electricity-consuming artificial lighting.

Move your furniture to boost circulation.

If your furniture blocks air vents (especially heavy furniture like bookcases and sofas) your HVAC has to work so much harder to cool and heat your home. To improve circulation, rearrange your furniture so it doesn’t cover air vents.

Cover the floor.

During winter, place heavy wool or cotton rugs on hardwood or linoleum floors to absorb heat in the room. Once spring and summer arrive, just roll up your rug until the weather cools.

Install a fan in high-traffic areas.

The ceiling fan is your home’s heating and cooling MVP. When you run the fan, you can adjust your heater or air conditioner about four degrees. A few pointers: run the fan counter-clockwise in the summer to pull warm air up and clockwise in the winter to push warm air down. Also, turn off the fan when people aren’t in the room.

Super easy right? You’ll freshen up your home and save energy too. Plus, all of these updates go great with rebates on energy-efficient products for just about every room in your house.