Savings Simplified: News Ways to Explore Your Home’s Energy Usage

Home Heating and Cooling

Whether it’s a cold and blustery winter, a hot and balmy summer, or anything in between, your personalized energy insights provide a window into your home’s energy usage all day, every day.

You may have noticed your PSO account has some new features – that’s because we’ve added the ability to access your home energy profile and energy insights within your existing account. No more separate login required!

You’re going to love all of the things you can do. Check out these features:

Compare usage data.

Was your A/C working harder in August than July? Did you crank up your heater more in January than December? Compare your energy usage month-by-month or even down to 15-minute intervals. Say what? You even get a graph that displays outdoor temperatures, showing you how the weather impacted your energy usage.

Discover your busiest energy days.


Feel like your A/C has a case of the Mondays? Or does your heater spike on hump day? If you’ve ever wondered which days you use the most energy, you’ll love this feature. See which days of the week you’re using the most electricity so you can start taking steps to save.

See your home energy profile.

Take a short survey to help us understand how your home uses energy. By completing your home energy profile, you’ll help us identify which appliances and electronics use the most energy in your home. Once you find out what uses the most electricity, you’ll get savings tips specifically tailored to you! For example, if your kitchen is the biggest culprit, your savings tips will be specific to saving electricity in the kitchen. How cool is that?

Have a happy a New Year — and an energy-efficient one — with the all-new energy insights within your PSO account.