Shop Smart: The Best Times to Buy Energy-Saving Products

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Love a great deal? Who doesn’t, right? Especially deals on energy-efficient products. You’re literally saving money on something that’s going to save you energy — and money! What could be better? 

Saving is always in season. But if you want to save even more, here are the best times to buy energy-efficient products:

Appliance prices fall in September and October*

Here’s a little shopping secret for you: September and October are the best times to buy most major appliances, including washers, dryers, and dishwashers. (But not refrigerators, so stay tuned.)

Manufacturers unveil their new models in the fall, which means the previous year’s models are discounted to make room for the newer models arriving in the winter. Plus, when you purchase select ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances you’ll save even more with rebates from us. Score! 

P.S. Please share this “secret” with others. The more people who purchase energy-efficient appliances, the more energy we’ll all save!

*Except for refrigerators in May…

There’s always an asterisk, right? Most manufacturers roll out their new refrigerator models in the summer, so your best time to get a discount on last year’s models is in May. May is the best month to buy, but we offer year-round rebates on ENERGY STAR®-certified refrigerators so you can save a lot whenever you shop.

New Year. New you. New whatever.

Consider yourself a risk taker? Do you like to play the odds? If so, you might wait until January before buying.

At this point some stores have to move out more of last year’s models, so they’ll discount them even more. You’ll probably get an even better deal, but the selection may be limited. Decisions, decisions.

Any holiday weekend.

Spending your holiday in a store may not sound super exciting, but consider the exhilarating rush of snagging an awesome deal on energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Most major retailers have special deals on appliances during pretty much every holiday. Hmmm, if only there was a major holiday coming up on September 7 that’s known for its great deals (*cough*Labor Day*cough*).

While you’re out shopping for appliances, don’t forget to browse the lighting aisle. Many retailers run promos on lighting as well, and with instant rebates of up to $2/bulb from PSO it’s always a good time to buy them. Not only do LED light bulbs use at least 75% less energy, they also last up to 50x longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Now you know the best times to buy energy-efficient appliances, but we can help you save all year long with instant rebates and tips!