Stream Smarter: Save Energy Before Binging Your Favorite Shows

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Nothing beats a lazy day curled up on the couch, warm drink in hand, streaming an episode (or ten) of your favorite show.

Whether you’re starting a binge-worthy new series, or rewatching an old favorite, follow these four tips to save while you stream!

Choose ENERGY STAR® certified electronics.
Start withENERGY STAR and you can’t go wrong. In fact, ENERGY STAR certified electronics are on average 25% more energy-efficient than their counterparts. This is true whether we’re talking about modems/routers, laptops, TVs or any other products used in streaming.

Be smart about your TV. Literally.
Smart TVs are the most energy-efficient way to stream your favorite shows and movies, watch the big game…you name it. And let’s be honest, there’s no better way to watch something than in your own personal movie theater right in the comfort of your living room.

Use a digital media player.
Digital media players like Roku® or Apple TV® use 15 times less energy than using a game console for streaming. If you’re a gamer you may not mind, but if you haven’t played “Fortnite” in over a year, you’ll probably want to use a digital media player instead.

Switch to a smaller screen.
Does the rest of your family not share your passion for cooking shows? Or do you want to do “double duty” and watch the football game and a show? If so, switch to a tablet, which uses four times less electricity than a laptop.

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy day on the couch, or making major upgrades to your house, visit our tips and tricks page to save even more at home!