Tune Up Your A/C and Be Ready When High Temps Hit

Home Heating and Cooling

Oklahoma summers are a tough time for all of us — especially your A/C. Seriously, nothing works harder than an A/C unit during an Oklahoma summer.

This may have you sweating your household’s energy use, but you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or safety during summer’s hottest months. With three months of up-to triple-digit heat on the horizon, here’s why now is a great time to tune up your A/C.

A tune-up makes sure your A/C is up to the job.

Keeping your home cool is a full-time job and chances are your A/C has taken the last six months off. You wouldn’t take your car on a cross-country road trip after leaving it in the garage for six months.

Same here. A hot day is the worst time to find out your A/C isn’t running at operating efficiency or is on the verge of an expensive breakdown. 

Maintenance beats repairs.

Small problems become big problems when they’re not taken care of. There’s a reason air conditioner repairs are a nightmare scenario for many families. They’re really expensive. So schedule a tune-up.

Your technician can’t prevent all problems from happening, but major repairs are significantly less likely. Best-case scenario: no issues. Second best-case scenario: Your tech fixes an issue before it becomes a problem. Worst-case scenario: You do nothing and your A/C goes out.

A well-maintained A/C works better, lasts longer, and decreases costs.

Back to our car analogy: If you don’t take care of your car it’ll break down in a few years. Take care of it, and you’ll be passing it down to your grandkid someday.

Regular maintenance improves your A/C’s lifespan, while neglect can actually reduce it. Skip regular maintenance and your A/C loses 5% operating efficiency every year.

There’s a host of reasons why, including debris buildup, dirty blower components, and un-lubricated motor parts. The result? Your A/C drains more energy and costs more money to keep your home cool. When it has had enough it breaks down, costing you even more.

We’re here to help.

We live here too and recognize the importance of keeping your home comfortable during hot Oklahoma summers without putting a dent in your wallet.  So take advantage of the PSO Power Hours program, which lets you earn bill credits during summer’s hottest months and gives you a $75 instant rebate on eligible Wi-Fi thermostats.

You can access your Wi-Fi thermostat from your mobile device, which means more control over your household’s energy use and less strain on your A/C by reducing unneeded cooling while you’re away.  

Worried your A/C won’t be ready come summertime? Chill out, contact a service provider, and schedule a tune-up today!