Gobble up a great time with these tasty turkey treats!

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Looking for a fun and easy activity to try at home or at your kid’s class party?

How about a cute centerpiece for the kid’s table — or the adults’?

Let’s talk turkey!

These tasty turkey treats make an adorable addition to your table, and are sure to put a sweet smile on everybody’s face.

Plus, they’re so easy to make. Check out these directions from Clean & Scentsible!


  • 9” round tulle 
  • Reese’s Pieces or M&Ms in fall colors
  • Pipe cleaners {yellow, orange, brown, and red}
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Small, clear hair elastics 


  • Place your candies in the middle of the tulle circles and securely close with the elastic bands. Leave enough excess tulle to form the “feathers” in the back.
  • To form the head, cut the brown pipe cleaner to approximately 6 inches. Roll up the pipe cleaner leaving about 2 inches at the end.
  • Cut a piece of the orange pipe cleaner to form the beak (just over 1 inch) and wrap it around the outer coil of the brown pipe cleaner.
  • Cut a red piece of pipe cleaner for the wattle and glue googly eyes on either side of the beak.
  • For the feet, cut a yellow pipe cleaner to approximately 8 inches and fold the end into three toes. 
  • Now you just have to stick the body parts into your tulle and your turkey is ready to go! Easy peasy!!

Whether it’s a side dish, centerpiece, or just a tasty treat, try these out and make your Thanksgiving sweeter!